Now, in Picos de Europa National Park, due to the project of reintroduction of Lammergeier leaded by the Lammergeier Foundation (FCQ), is not difficult to enjoy these amazing birds in our mountains.

Lammergeiers of different ages can be found everywhere in Picos de Europa. In this case, we could enjoy three different birds belonged to the project, concretely three young females (Quebrantina, Julia y Jana) in the feeding point managed by the foundation.

Quebrantina (red and red) and Julia (Yellow and white)

Julia (blue and pink) and Julia (yellow and white)

Lammergeiers in Picos de Europa National Park is one of the routes that we can organize for you. Would you like to try? Only keep in touch with us and we will arrange an unforgetable birdwatchind day for you.


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