As you know, in our birdwatching walks, we always try to enjoy butterflies and moths. Last year, in one of the last walks,  in a subalpine area, we could find a large group of passerines: Eurasian Wheatear, Black Redstar, Rock Bunting, Blue Rock Thrush, Yellow Hammer, and surprisingly a young and marvellous 3 years old Bearded Vulture.
Water Pipit

Water Pipit



Bearded Vulture

Young Lammergeier

But furthermore, we could enjoy some good observations of  typical butterflies of Picos de Europa National Park: Hipparchia Alcyone (Rock Grayling), Apatura Iris (Purple Emperator), Pyrgus malvoides (Souhtern Grizzled Skipper), Collias croceus (Common Clouded Yellow), Argynnis paphia (Silver Washed Fritilary)…etc

Purple Emperator

Apatura Iris (Purple Emperator)

Rock Grailing

Hipparchia Alcyone (Rock Grayling)


Iphiclides feisthamelii. (Swallowtail)

Souhtern Grizzled Skipper

 Pyrgus malvoides (Souhtern Grizzled Skipper)

A nice wildlifewatching day with birds and butterflies.