In the last two years the feeding site for scavenger birds near of Covadonga Lakes in Picos de Europa National Park, is becoming to one of te most amazing places to enjoy big raptors in this mountains.

Today in addition to a big group of Grifon Vultures,  we could enjoy  three Lammergeiers of different ages, one Egyptian Vulture and a young Golden Eagle, all of them in a very good way and sometimes interacting between them.



Bearded Vulture

Subadult Bearded Vulture landing on the feeding site

Bearded Vulture

Young Bearded Vulture


Golden Eagle

Young Golden Eagle

A fantastic place to visit all year round for all kind of birdwatchers even in winter.

Would you like tying your look?. Keep in touch with us and we will be glad to arrange everything you need including transport from your accommodation if necessary.

Birding Picos de Europa

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