In the Picos de Europa, both sedentary and migratory raptors are already here. Some of them like Golden Eagles and Griffon Vultures are incubating. The ones that are just arriving from África like Egyptian Vultures, Short-Toed Eagles and Black Kites are beginning with their sexual displays and the arrangements of their nests.

Águila Real

Adult Golden Eagle

Griffon Vulture

Grifon Vulture

All of them can bring us unforgettable birding moments, but nowadays, Lammergeiers probably are the most special. This fantastic bird (3 m wingspam) was extinct in the early last century. Now, due to the work of the Lammergeier Foundation, is returning to these mountains and it is not difficult to find them is you know where to look at.

Young Bearded Vulture

Young Lammergeier

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Río Aliso

Rio Aliso Cottages

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