Alpine birds like Snowfinch, Wallcreeper, Alpine Accentor, Water Pipit and Yellow-Billed Chough are some of the most interesting birds that can be found in the Picos de Europa National Park and at the same time some of the most demanded birds for our customers.


All of them are generally shy and elusive birds but here in the Picos de Europa, there are some places where is possible to enjoy them only with a short walk trough very easy walking paths and in very good condition, suitable for all kind of people.

Alpine Accentor

Would you like to enjoy them?. Keep in touch with us and let us to arrange everything for you to spend a fantastic alpine birdwatching day in the Picos de Europa National Park. The best option is May, June and September. ¡¡¡¡Ah!!!. If you decide to be housed in our cottages (Rio Aliso Cottages), you will have a 10% off in all your birdwatching walks with us.

Water Pipit

Birding Picos de Europa

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