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By | September 10th, 2020|Blog|

2020 is been a hard year for all of us. The pandemia has broken all our plans and sadly many people have died all around the world. Our first thoughts for all of them and their families. In relation to Birding Picos de Europa, in accordance with all our customers, we have cancelled all our [...]

Alpine Birds in the Picos de Europa

By | December 6th, 2019|Blog|

Español Alpine birds like Snowfinch, Wallcreeper, Alpine Accentor, Water Pipit and Yellow-Billed Chough are some of the most interesting birds that can be found in the Picos de Europa National Park and at the same time some of the most demanded birds for our customers. All of them are generally shy [...]


By | November 16th, 2019|Blog|

The cold and the snow have reached to the Picos de Europa National Park. It is time to enjoy the winter and the silence of the mountains where birds that came from the north, mix with the locals and together try to survive. It is also time to think about next year and [...]

Passerines in the Picos de Europa

By | November 10th, 2019|Blog|

Español The picos de Europa National Park is famous among birdwatchers specially because the raptors, the alpine birds and for some time because butterflies and flowers. But in my opinion there is a group of passerines that can make us to spend unforgettable moments  with only easy walks. Some of them are into my [...]

Wildlife in the Picos de Europa

By | July 11th, 2019|Blog|

The Picos de Europa is one of the most interesting scenerys to enjoy wildlife in Spain. The diversity of ecosistems between the north and the south side offers a great variety of fauna and flora with easy access trough paths easy walking and in a very good condition. In one of our last walks, we [...]

Raptors, butterflies and wildlife in the Picos de Europa National Park

By | June 5th, 2019|Blog|

Last week, in our walk in the Picos de Europa National Park looking for raptors, we were specially lucky. Behind a small hill  we heard a strange noise. In fact it was a group of Griffon Vultures eating the carrion of a very young goat. We were enjoying the scene [...]

Raptors in the Picos de Europa

By | March 25th, 2019|Birding Holidays, Blog|

In the Picos de Europa, both sedentary and migratory raptors are already here. Some of them like Golden Eagles and Griffon Vultures are incubating. The ones that are just arriving from África like Egyptian Vultures, Short-Toed Eagles and Black Kites are beginning with their sexual displays and the arrangements of their nests. [...]

Golden Eagles in the Picos de Europa National Park

By | January 7th, 2019|Blog|

2018 was not a good year for raptors in the Picos de Europa National Park. July extremely wet and cold made fail most of the breeding attempts. This situation was specially hard with Golden Eagles. None of the pairs that I usually follow in the Picos de Europa National Park, could finish the nesting season successfully. [...]

Lammergeiers in Picos de Europa National Park

By | August 7th, 2017|Blog|

Lammergeier was extinct in Picos de Europa National Park early last century due to the indiscriminate use of poisons in the fight against vermin and the "sport" of hunting. Now that those causes have desapeard and specially due to the reintroduction project developed by the Lammergeier Foundation (F.C.Q) it is not difficult to enjoy these fantastic birds [...]

Lammergeiers in Picos de Europa National Park

By | June 27th, 2017|Blog, Sin categoría|

Now, in Picos de Europa National Park, due to the project of reintroduction of Lammergeier leaded by the Lammergeier Foundation (FCQ), is not difficult to enjoy these amazing birds in our mountains. Lammergeiers of different ages can be found everywhere in Picos de Europa. In this case, we could enjoy three different birds belonged to the project, concretely [...]

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