The picos de Europa National Park is famous among birdwatchers specially because the raptors, the alpine birds and for some time because butterflies and flowers. But in my opinion there is a group of passerines that can make us to spend unforgettable moments  with only easy walks. Some of them are into my top ten birds.The Red-Backed Shrike is a migratory bird. They come here late in May or June and it is not difficult to find in the valleys and in the campigne perched over small posts or fences, trying to eat their favourite prey: little mice and big insects. It´s like a small bird of preyThe rock Bunting is in my opinion the most beautiful bird in the mid-high mountains. The unmistakable design of their face and the sweetness of the call always give us memorable moments of birding. This Is a sedentary bird here even though, in Winter usually do small migrations to the valleys.But without any doubt, the Rock Thrush and the Blue Rock Trush are the kings of the Picos de Europa Mountains in the  pre-alpine área. They are territorial and when you find one in the nesting season, you can be sure that it will be there the next time you go.

All of them can be found easily in the Picos de Europa trough easy walking paths suitable for all kind of people and surrounded of an amazing scenery. The best is option from late April to mid July.

Would you like to enjoy them?. Get in touch with us and let us to arrange everything you need to spend some nice birdwatching days from our accommodation.

Birding Picos de Europa

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