It’s really exciting to witness how the project of Reintroduction of the Lammergeier in the Picos de Europa National Park is getting better and better.

In one of our last birdwatching routes there, we could enjoy a fantastic moment with Cares and Vitorina (two of the released birds) interacting.

Bearded Vultures

Cares (Male: Green and Green) and Vitorina (Female: Red and Red), have been released on 2016 and they already are independents.

In these pictures, you can observe that the female is a bit bigger than the male and that the molting is also different in each one birds.


With the 7 new birds released this year, there are arround 20 lammergeiers of different ages in the Picos de Europa National Park. A great start for this majestic bird to return to a place from which it should never have disappeared.